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Training Whistle

  • $4.50

The traditional, high-quality whistle designed specifically for dog whistle training. These are 8cm in length, and weighing 14g. 
We're huge fans of whistle training. We'll look into this in an upcoming blog post, but for now here's the basics: 
  • They're handy because the sound carries a long distance - much further than you can shout
  • They can give a naughty dog a new chance to learn obedience
  • They're audible to the human ear, but only just. Trust us, your dog can hear it clear as day.
To whistle train your dog, simply start with the basics up close and transfer from whistle to voice. 
  1. Whistle the tune/beat you want 
  2. Say the command (i.e. "come") 
  3. Reward, reward! 

Repeat this with longer pauses between the whistle command and the voice command until your dog understands the whistle equals the voice command you are teaching.