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Waterproof Dog Vest

  • $12.00

Dog clothes that actually fit small AND large dogs. It's part of our mission. We spend a lot of time sourcing high-quality clothes for dogs of all sizes. 
This vest will protect your dog from the wind and rain, and also make them look even cooler than they already do.  
 Size Chest  Back length
S 14" (36cm) 10.5" (27cm)
M 16.5" (42cm) 12" (31cm)
L 18" (46cm) 13.5" (35cm)
XL 19" (49cm) 15.5" (39cm)
2XL 21" (53cm)  17.5" (45cm)
3XL 23" (58cm)  19.5" (50cm) 
4XL 26" (66cm) 20.5" (52cm)
5XL 30" (76cm) 23" (58cm)
6XL 35.5" (90cm)  27" (69cm)
7XL 39.5"  (100cm) 30.5" (78cm)