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Perfect Fit Goggles For Dogs (and Cats too!) - Multiple Sizes

  • $16.00

Warning: Putting these sunglasses on your dog may cause you to burst out in laughter!

They'll look cute and funny on your pup so they're perfect for a photoshoot - but these goggles are also practical.

  • Wear them on hikes or long walks to protect your dogs eyes from foxtails and grass.
  • Wear them riding a car or bike to keep your pups eyes from drying out.
  • Wear them at the beach to protect against sun (100% UV protection!) and sand.

There's double elastic straps to go over the head and chin that are adjustable to get a perfect fit. The foam padding keeps them comfortable around your pup's face. Available in three sizes - please measure your dog according to the diagram below to ensure the right size.

Dog Goggles Sizing Image

Size Length Height Suggested Breeds
Small 11 cm  3.8 cm yorkie, boston terrier
Medium 13 cm 4.2 cm cocker spaniel, beagle
Large 14 cm 4.5 cm border collie, german shepherd