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Welcome to Ruby Reviews

Posted by Ruby Doggo on

Welcome to my blog! It's a blog by a dog. A DOG BLOG! I sense a trending hashtag coming on.

Anyway. I demanded that Bear create my own section on our site that I can do WHATEVER I WANT with.Ruby doin' a flirt

It's going to be amazing. I'm going to talk about stuff I like. And stuff I don't like. And maybe even other stuff I'm not that fussed about. I bet we talk about balls a lot. 

While you're here, look at this picture of me out on the pull with my sunnies on. Irresistible to heckin' good boys everywher-WHOA DID YOU SEE THAT FLY?! HANG ON I BETTER GO EAT IT. 


~3 minutes later~


That was disgusting. It buzzed on my teeth!! Had to spit it out. Didn't even taste good. 3/10 was fun to chase but poor eating. 

As I was saying, you can subscribe to my blog's RSS feed using this link: https://puppernaut.com/blogs/ruby-reviews.atom (past it into your feed reader) or like Puppernaut on Facebook for this and more fun stuff.

You should definitely subscribe because my first ever review (second, after the fly I guess) will be up next week and is going to be about one of Puppernaut's best selling items. 

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